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The other hand has already tested drone delivery from its trucks the Voyager spacecraft are still reaching for the stars in August and September NASA’s Voyager and spacecraft will mark their th anniversary zazz space explorers.

The two spacecraft are still sending data back to earth and setting space exploration milestones despite their vast distance from our planet the Voyager and Voyager spacecraft were launched in to take advantage of an alignment of Jupiter Saturn Uranus and Neptune that made.


It possible to use gravitational assists to explore  the planets in a much shorter time this alignment appears once every years Voyager was launched earlier than Voyager it is the only spacecraft to have conducted flybys of Jupiter Saturn Uranus and Neptune Voyager took a shorter but

The heathenish almost million miles from Earth not spacecraft is expected to enter interstellar space in the next few years.

each spacecraft carries a gold-plated record of sounds pictures and messages about earth just in case some intelligent set’s find them someday hey everyone in the other stage.

This is Anastasia’s hump day happening today in Chicago with my friend and colleague Theresa Duncan who is a well known dental insurance expert and Theresa first of all thank you for joining me on this blustery day here in Chicago thanks for having me.

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