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Dental Insurance GA Doctors can freely price according to the situation. For example, a porcelain crown can range in price from 615 euros to 930 euros.

  • The price of implants ranges from 700 euros to 1,300 euros.Dental Insurance GA  Nowadays, the days of French denture makers are getting worse.
  • Because their Asian counterparts can offer products of the same quality at much lower prices than they do.
Dental Insurance GA

Dental Insurance GA


  • Therefore, many dentists now cooperate with Asian denture manufacturers to send out the dental moulds by express mail and then receive the finished denture products through the express mail in a few days.
  • In this way, the price of dentures provided to the patient by the French dentist will be low.


Q: Which of the materials is the best quality material for making crowns?

  A: There is no doubt that the best crown material is Dental Insurance GA . This crown is fixed without any wire and can be perfectly combined with the original teeth and is as durable as real teeth.

In the case of dentures fixed with wire, the wire is not only comfortable to wear and damage other healthy teeth but also causes an allergic reaction.

Q: Some people say that the silver powder used in previous fillings contains mercury. Is this silver powder poisonous?

  A: Experts have two opinions on this: Some people think that this silver powder is poisonous, but some other experts think that it is not poisonous.

     My dentist’s office and other prudent clinics adhere to the principle of “being careful,” and no matter whether its toxicity is confirmed, we will not continue to use this silver powder.

However, it is still used in other clinics. The law stipulates that you must not throw mercury products into the trash because mercury can contaminate the groundwater.

but at the same time, no one prohibits the placement of mercury-containing dental powder in the patient’s mouth. This is simply ridiculous!

Q: From the perspective of safety, will everyone spread the disease at the dentist?

  A: Generally speaking, it will not. The risk of contracting a disease in a dental clinic should be the same as in a general surgical clinic.

Dentists are very cautious in this regard. They wear masks and gloves when they see a doctor. Most of the equipment used is disposable or strictly sterilized. 

Q: Treating dental disease is synonymous with pink. Has this situation changed now?

     A: For dental procedures such as tooth extraction, we use advanced anesthetics, which are easy to use and very useful.

The patient never felt pain. When we performed dental surgery 20 years ago, the anesthetics we used were much less effective so that patients would endure considerable pain.