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Top Best dental insurance no waiting period for major services

whether¬†dental insurance no waiting period for major services they are in alignment or not because really that’s where the rub is for most of us as business owners and managers we have people working for us that do not align with the vision and we’ve made that wrong and .

I suggest in our work we don’t have to¬†dental insurance no waiting period for major services make it wrong ever it’s just not in a alignment and as people are perfect the way they are yes everyone’s perfect the way they are they just are either in alignment or they’re not and nobody gets to choose for me as a business owner no one no employee ever will ever choose my direction .



  1. I choose my direction and I give full ability for them to come in and align or cannot align it makes no difference to me matter of fact
  2. I encourage that they are really clear that this is a perfect alignment for them or not yeah and so you know.
  3. We live in a world or we we teach in a world where everyone is what we call at choice at choice no one’s forced to work for us we’re not forced
  4. to hire anyone we’re not forced to keep anyone everyone is at choice and when we honor that in others it becomes really clear.

That we we respect their they have a choice we respect they’ll make the right decision for themselves we’ve already as an owner made our choice we’re starting at we’re ending it for work Tuesday through Friday we only work on these people we only .

Work with this kind of culture and we absolutely respect that may may or may not work for you % we’re just looking for those people that we can be in alignment with and it just frees us up from all the I mean I hear owners .

All the time say well they have to they have to learn to talk the patient they have to learn to use that interval camera they just say to them no they don’t no they don’t no one has to do anything so I would say it feels like it’s really challenging for you to incorporate .

This and sometimes you’ll say well I just you know I don’t think I should have to take the photography you’re the one who’s the good photographer you should take it I’m not a dentist and so that’s a better that’s a different belief system.

That isn’t in alignment with the owners belief so when we say okay fair enough fair enough it’s not right or wrong or good or bad is just out of alignment so that is you know out of alignment with what I’m looking to create .