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dental insurance plans for individuals

dental insurance plans for individuals

perform  the other part of identifying your top   most productive or most dental insurance plans for individuals profitable codes is that you also want to identify  the alternative benefit procedures have you ever submitted a claim to an insurance company and you got the EOB  back that said no we’re not going to pay you on the posterior composites instead we’re going to .

dental insurance plans for individuals

downgrade those two amalgams so you dental insurance perform the white fillings or the composites and you actually got paid on the amalgam and that for some dental practices is a  thirty to sixty percent reduction in income what you want to do here if you want to make sure that you also negotiate the alternative benefit procedures the main.

alternative benefit  procedures that come to mind are the amalgam codes and D which is the base metal crown code whenever you submit any crown to an insurance company that’s not a basement of crown more than  likely that insurance company will downgrade that crown to base metal crown in order to help that in this

company save on costs and that applies only to in-network doctors because when you become in the network you  give the insurance company the right to play that downloading game now here’s an example of a fee schedule that was received where the amalgam codes were ignored you see here that the one surface bucks and then

the one  surface on the posterior here eighty six bucks not that bad of a difference but the point here folks is that you want to make sure that you can pair these fees to make sure that it’s not a steep discount if the insurance company  decides to downgrade on you now here’s another example here are the crown codes

what’s missing from this fee schedule this was an actual fee schedule dental insurance plans for individuals offered by an insurance company now this porcelain crown code here actually started at five hundred and thirty  dollars Lee was able to increase this eight hundred and ten dollar but what’s missing from this fee schedule if you look closely don’t even appear here so it’s