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ameritas dental Doctors and you probably have used aluminum oxide and your crowns so aluminum oxide is a ceramic and it is introduced in the zircon in order to give it strength so .

ameritas dental

ameritas dental

We place the first implants of this material to maximize self tissue preservation so you see ceramic dental implants are nothing new they’re just been getting perfected in early .

The most common types of zircon was actually in it Ra’s analyzed ceramic and it just has to do with the way the crystals come together that’s really

What it has to do so they found a way to actually combine the crystals of the ceramic so that they overlap themselves to the point.

That they’ve gained a lot more strength in the eight months so they didn’t use in Europe since but in United States.

Who knows when the first ceramic and plump system got a fee approved I’ll give you a free copy of my book anybody knows what you’re yes what year nope okay good guess down was the first approved ceramic metal implant system so backs twelve years ago .

That we’ve have ceramic advances those in United States so what kind of implants are on the market today we have the one piece system then we have the to be cemento bowl so this abutment actually cements inside the implant system so.

They come in two different sizes they come an angle or they come in strength so this was a little bit better than the original one piece because it allows us to play a little bit with them with a top with the prosthetics then we have.

A piece crew retain implant system and if anybody recognizes this what